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Kudos Round and Square Saddles are designed for operators who suffer from back problems or for those whose work demands mobility but who are in a constant standing or sitting position.

The saddles provide a seating solution while allowing full upper body movement.


  • Gaslift seat height and seat tilt adjustment
  • Designed to provide a naturally balanced sitting position .
  • Supplied with standard castors on a five-star base
  • Low back options for full ergonomic support
  • Improves posture and strengthens back muscles
  • Improves blood circulation in the legs
  • Reduces back and shoulder aches
  • Provides a mobile body position

Height Range

Sitting height range: 500 mm - 700 mm

(higher or lower options are available

- please contact us for details)


Square Saddle Seat: 390w x 400d mm

Round Saddle Seat: 360w x 400d mm

Chair Adjustment

Seat height and tilt adjustment.

Tilt adjustment: Basic position + 2º : Seat tilt + 13º

The design of the Saddle is such that it enables the user to position their body in the standing position and therefore benefit from keeping the natural shape of the back, while providing a seating solution.

Thus the pelvis is held in an upright position allowing a balanced posture while providing a mobility that would not otherwise be possible.


  • Standard castors - brake unloaded
  • Standard castors - brake loaded
  • Low height back option
  • Foot operated gaslift height adjustment
  • Round and square seat options -

Although principally a matter of design and aesthetics, the Square Saddle does offer a larger seat area and increased thigh support

Fabric colour chart

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