Height Adjustable Desks

Height Adjustable Desking

Height adjustable furniture and in particular desking, has been recommended for many years within European countries to promote a healthy, flexible and more productive workplace. Height adjustable furniture can provide substantial individual benefits to each user, thus accommodating the individual requirements of each employee.

Oxford Seating provides two styles of desking within this range - manually height adjustable desks and electrical height adjustable desks - or sit/stand desks.

HA Desking

Manual height adjustable desks

This system allows each user to make adjustments to accommodate different sitting height requirements. It is very user friendly and a cost effective system for multi-user environments.

This system provides a desk top height range of between 680 and 880 mm

Manual crank adjustment

Electric height adjustment

Electrical height adjustment

This system of height adjustment uses a twin Bosch electrical motor positioned in each leg frame, to raise or lower the desk top between 650 and 1300mm.

The desk can be fitted with an optional electric height display unit with memory function, to provide ideal multi-user use or multi-positions through the working day.

Crank handle
Height adjustments

Please contact us if you would like further details on either of the above two ranges