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OSC's involvement with Project Management is key to our success for a project from its' inception to its' conclusion. Our role is to provide a fully professional and collaborative support for Project Management to ensure a smooth running and timely project.

We invariably rely on the support of a project management team when in place to secure the contract in the first instance and to then assist our liaison with the Client, Architect, Constructor and other involved parties.

Project Management can be a challenging role in any project and we trust that we are fully cognisant and supportive of that position.

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OSC have worked on several projects with PDCM, both large and small. PDCM are involved in providing full project management services to the University of Oxford and at the core of this has been the development of the Science Area, producing a Masterplan for its' continuing and future commitment to several new buildings.

PDCM are also placed at the heart of the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter development, which has so far produced the re-furbished Radcliffe Infirmary itself in addition to the new Mathematics Institute and currently the Blavatnik School of Government.

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"(Oxford Contracts) OSC delivered on all aspects of the project; quality, cost and programme. They adopted a full integrated approach and worked with the Client. Architect and Main Contractor to contribute to the success on this outstanding project"

Matt Eaton Project Manager, PDCM

In respect of the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Oxford